Vaping and gaming: A match made in heaven

What are the best vaporizers to use while playing video games?

By Herbert M. Green

Vaping and gaming go hand-in-hand. I can’t remember the last time I was playing video games without a vaporizer within reach. Whether you enjoy vaping regular cannabis or prefer CBD-rich flower, vaping just makes the gaming experience all the more enjoyable. The one thing still up for debate though; which vaporizer should you use while kicking ass and taking names? Answering that question is tricky because it all depends on a variety of factors. What factors? Well, let me tell you.

Should I go for a session vaporizer or an on-demand vaporizer while gaming?

The first question you may ask yourself is; “Do I want to vape throughout my gaming session or do I want to take vaping-breaks?”

To answer that question, you’ll have to ask yourself what kind of games you prefer to play. For me, these are predominantly story-driven, single-player RPG games, like ‘The Witcher 3’. These kinds of games provide plenty of opportunities to take a hit from my favourite vape, the 2020 ‘M’ by DynaVap. There are enough moments of peace and calm between hectic (but perfectly executed) battles and I can always pause the action or wait for a cut-scene to quickly fire up my DynaVap.

Vaporizers like those developed by DynaVap (but also vapes like the Dreamwood Glow) are what we in the industry call ‘on-demand vaporizers’. Literally ‘vape whenever you want’. To be a bit more specific I would say; Start and stop your vape session instantly.

But, what if you want to vape while playing an online game like Call Of Duty or FIFA? With those types of games, the action is continuous over a longer period which doesn’t leave a lot of room for a quick toke.

If online gaming is your bag, I would suggest going for a ‘session vaporizer’ and vape in between matches or respawns. The thing with ‘session vaporizers’ like Storz & Bickel’s Crafty+ and Mighty is that they need a little longer to heat up to the right temperature and cook your herb for an extended period (i.e. one session).

This is great if you want the full effect of your weed, but when the next round of blasting starts and you need both hands on the controller, you’ll have to put down the vape. And if your session hasn’t ended yet, your weed will keep on cooking, without you inhaling it, wasting precious cannabinoids in the process.

An alternative in these situations could be going for a desktop vaporizer like the Storz & Bickel Volcano. This way you can keep the device on standby while you are owning noobs and have a full balloon waiting for you when you walk off the battlefield victorious.

My favourite vaping set-up during gaming.

Like I said before, my preferred vaping method is on-demand, with a DynaVap. The ultimate set-up, however, is if I combine that with an induction heater like the Apollo 2or Orion. That way I can truly take quick hits in between the action.

Another option I reach for when I don’t really know if I will have time for a full session or not is the Tinymight handheld vaporizer. The beauty of this little beast is that it has both an on-demand as well as a session mode and lets me switch between these settings with the push of a single button.

What’s your preferred vape while gaming?

Now you know my favourite vape setup during my gaming sessions, but I would like to know about yours! Maybe you have a completely different approach or maybe you have some alternative tips? Let us all know in the comments below.

Peace out & vape on!

Herb M. Green



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